"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


A Lesson About Lessons

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Life lessons seem never-ending. And why should they? As long as we are alive, we will be learning. At the very beginning of our communications, the angels talked to us at length about the nature of lessons. This is from December 21, 1991.

The Angels Speak:
Humans think lessons should be accompanied by turmoil and pain. In fact, you insist on it. This is not our plan, but yours. The more you tap into your spiritual resources, the less pain you will feel. Your attitudes about growth will change. Attitude precedes the learning of new pathways to your final goal, so to speak. You choose the pain. We do not give it to you. We are here to spare you and help you as much as possible. You will find that true with every spiritual gift you develop.

Our guidance is here to save you from pain and turmoil, but not from lessons to be learned. Those are yours and we would not spare you them as they are between you and your soul. With us, you have a whole group of teammates at all times to sweep the stones from the path before you. Allow us to do this, little ones. Your tendency is to go first and sweep stones for others. It would be much kinder to yourself to follow us. Rather like the car at the airport that guides the planes and says, “Follow Me.”

You will always be learning even while you are teaching and helping others. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for all souls to fine-tune their skills so their path may become clearer. It is a wonderfully complicated process so do not let us confuse you by mere choices of words. You will always be learning until your gifts are fully actualized. Those are the lessons of which we speak.

We hear you say, “Why is it so slow? Why don’t I know what is happening?” Dear One, have you ever grown hair? At first there is none to feel and then comes tiny annoying whiskers. But, given time, you have long hairs all over your head and you are not even aware of it until it gets uncomfortable. Then you cut it short and start over again. Look at spirituality in a similar fashion. You have grown a lot of it. So much in fact, you are comfortable with it and are not even aware of its abundance. Days of confusion and dizziness are bound to happen, too. They remind you of how far you have come. Thank your creator for how far you have come.

Often, you stop too soon. You don’t even talk to us. You don’t feel secure in our visits. You think you don’t do it “right.” Have you ever played a piano? Would you expect to become proficient at playing it with just a little practice? Talk to us and listen to our words every day for awhile. We long to visit with you and teach you about your lessons in far easier ways than the systems you have used until this time. Together, we have come a long way, but the reason you have spiritual gifts in the first place is to make it easier for you. You wonder why you have to suffer to learn. Perhaps you don’t.

It is choice. All is our own doing and choice. Sometimes you are asked to wait, but much of the waiting is choice. How you wait. How long you wait. How soon you become active when paths are shown. You do not have to visit with us ever. You do not have to tune into us at all in any fashion. But know, now that you have begun, that not to listen, not to follow, not to learn will bring you much MORE pain and agony than going ahead and doing what you are trying to avoid. Keep on Keeping On, as it is said. It is the easier softer way you are looking for.

Faith Builder:
Thank your creator for the progress you have made.

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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