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Angels and Babies

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Angels love babies. Many parents think their little ones “see” the angels, and the angels tell us this is true. They say that tiny eyes are better able to see through the dimensions and see not only the angels, but other spirits as well. As we write, our angels tell us that babies can even “see” music. How? We can’t remember ever seeing music, but we trust the angels so we believe this.

The Angels Speake:
There are no accidents. None. Particularly, there are no accidents concerning the birth of a child. The soul that has chosen to come to earth to live out a life with diverse lessons and experience, is special enough to be given every help that it will need in order to survive and to succeed with its own individual “plan.”

We make certain that nothing about you is left to chance. Angelic support is with you long before you are born. We stand beside your mother and father as you are conceived. We make sure your father’s sperm and the proper egg are connected so that you could become the physical “person” that is required for this lifetime. We know how important your life is going to be, so we orchestrate every event and surround you with love.

Even before your mother and father know you, we know you. Your lifetime begins with your very own angels introducing you into the world. We help your mother to be as healthy as possible so that you will be nourished and kept safe for the entire time it takes for you to be incubated in her womb. We whisper the name that you chose into her ear. We make sure that you have every advantage to become the human you want to be. You are our work even then.

Your ancestors and spiritual guides are there, too. Even though they are not angels, they come to you, as angels do, to surround you with love and to encourage your soul to go forward into the life that you choose. They, from beyond, hand over the protection of your soul to those who will work with you on this earth during your life. It is a time of joy and happiness and love. No matter what it may have “seemed” like, your birth was a time of love on both sides of the veil.

After one is born, one finds the tiny body the soul inhabits to be rather difficult to get used to. One feels confined and restricted, so we stand by to comfort you with our familiar presence. When a “rest” is needed from your confining body, we take you for “trips” so that you can enjoy unrestricted freedom, away from earth pressures and limits. It takes awhile for a “soul” to become accustomed to the confinement of a human body.

Parents think a baby does not “see.” Yes, a baby can see music, but it can also see into many dimensions that are much more interesting than the three you live in on earth. A baby can “hear” in other dimensions, too. He can also communicate with his thoughts to the other side and we keep track every second of how he or she is doing. We keep the baby safe, comforted, encouraged, supported, and of course, loved. We never leave you.

Yet, as you grow, you become less aware of us, until you begin to forget that we are with you. This is the way it is supposed to be, for the babe must grow into the man or woman, and the adult must learn the lessons it was born to learn. But we don’t go anywhere. We stay with you and do what angels do. We love you even when you do not love yourself or think we are there.

Now you are grown. You are seeking your angels. You want confirmation of our presence. And we, who were there when your first cell divided into two, are still here. Why do you feel we are far away? Perhaps because you cannot see us as a baby does? But you can feel us. You can hear us. You can ask us for help. You can communicate with us.

We are still with you even though you doubt it. We are doing all of the things we have always done. But there is one more thing we are doing that you may have never thought about. We, your very own angels, keep you connected to God. It is through us that He does His work with you. We are first and always, God’s messengers. He has asked us to bring His love to you. It is the most important of our duties.

Faith Builder:
Think of how your angels assisted at your birth. Imagine them loving you then, and then imagine them loving you now. It is the same.

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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