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Cloning and the Soul

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Who would inhabit a body that was cloned? Would a clone even have a soul? Why did God give us the knowledge to clone humans? What is a soul, anyway, and why does it pick the body it picks?

The Angels Speake:
Dear Ones, do not just imagine the worst of the worst. Be aware of it, yes, but also imagine the best of the best. The truth will be somewhere in the middle.

What is a soul, you ask? Every person’s soul is the essence of its being from the time it began. A soul has always been and always will be. It is the part of you that remembers where you have been, where you are going, and what you are doing in the moment. It is the ALL of you. It is the part of God that is known as the universe. It is a cell of God Himself.

First understand that there is no “time” as you know it in God’s plan and organization. A soul can be everything and everywhere at once. Lifetimes are not one after another. There is no linear idea of passage in God’s mind. Everything is one and happening now.

There is no good or bad in God’s universe. There is only balance. We have said to you before that if you truly want to know God, read a physics book, for God is all of the Laws of Physics, which is the Natural Law of the Universe. God is Law. God is the ALL.

You personally are not “one”. You, too, are the ALL for you are part of God’s Law. You have forgotten (but know in your essence of soul) your divine purpose in this life and the part you play in God’s ALL. That is good. You only need to know there is Law… not necessarily to consciously understand as a human being how Law works or how it applies to you.

When an “object” or “thing” is invented or created, it is always a part of God’s Law or it could never have been invented in the first place. There have been many theories and ideas, which have been thought up, that will never come into being because there is not a corresponding Law to support it. Therefore it cannot happen.

Cloning, if it is possible at all, happens because the construct of cloning obeys God’s Law. There is some sort of harmony of evolution in the process that aligns itself with Law. As a human, you will not understand it, but as a soul, you do. Your soul knows, your brain does not. Therefore, humanity continues to invent what may seem to be totally useless things at the time of creation. An airplane, in 1900, was considered a useless toy for inventors and daredevils to dream about. Today that use is the least of its reasons for existence.

Why would a soul enter a clone? To learn. To learn the lessons a soul inhabiting a clone would want to learn. Why would a soul enter a baby that was full of defects and was obviously not going to live? To learn lessons. Why would a soul enter a body that was blind, or deaf, or otherwise imperfect? To learn lessons. Always, a soul is in lesson.

Think of it this way. In a subdivision of houses, there may be many, many dwellings that all look alike. They may have the same size, number of rooms, kitchen appliances, and heating systems. But are they the same? No. Because the people who inhabit the house make it their home. And that home will be truly individual and unique for the needs of the people living within.

You can clone a body, a crop, or a pig. But you cannot clone a soul. And the soul will adjust (decorate, if you will) its “home” or “body” to fit the needs or the purpose for its life. A clone is only a body. A soul is what gives it life.
Faith Builder:
Write your angels and ask to speak to your soul. Become acquainted with the ALL of you.

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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