"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Love in the 2000's

By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

The angels tell us the concepts of love are about to change. Love is the number one thing people want to ask their angels about. But angels don’t think about love like we do.

The Angels Speak:
People try to make love “fit” love into their life--into the categories of love that your culture has defined in the last century. Ideals of love in the 2000s are going to be different. That is what this new millennium is all about. That is what we angels have come to teach you. The “new” love is going to be deeper, more encompassing, more generous, less sexual, and more committed. You have seen in the last 20 years that marriage rites have shifted. People are learning to love without a binding contract and that the contractual part of marriage is being set apart from the actual marriage ritual itself.

Is this bad? No. It is part of the evolution of love. In the olden days, marriage was arranged by politicians and families with no thought or care if the man and woman loved each other. There was no concept, as you know it today, to “love” you partner. Respect and kindness was all a bride could expect or hope for on her wedding day. Today everyone wants romantic love.

Romantic love is the most cursory love. It is surface only. It is shallow and trite, compared to other deeper loves. When you see a lover at the very first, you see shallowly. You see with your eyes, but quickly you deepen your attention into each other’s soul. After the original recognition and hello to hello, you begin to try to quantify and categorize the loving feelings you are experiencing. You soon find love cannot be categorized because the ideas of what you think love is changes as you begin to become more intimate. And yet, when you hear the words, I love you, you think immediately of romantic love.

God gives you many kinds of love because when you have it, you are a better and happier person. Yet it often happens that this wonderful gift is taken apart to see how it works so then it can’t work. You come together from the beginning with the expectation of your relationship’s demise. When you are able to just “be” with your love, you enjoy your time together. But as a couple, you have been like two kids crying over a box of candy because you knew that each piece you ate would take you closer to the time when it would be all gone. You couldn’t enjoy a bite of it. It was too easy to be tied into the romantic ideal of love.

Expect the concepts society has today about love to change in the next decade. The love any two people have for each other will not be the same. The 2000s are a time of advancement and refinement of old beliefs. Partners have been given to each other in order to learn. You will grow in truth and understanding. Love will become bigger and more enjoyable. Love will be less shallow and important. It will enhance and be more joyful. It will be more mature. You will like it much better.

Faith Builder:
Experience, feel, and appreciate the different ways you love others today.

Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark are sisters and authors of the best selling books Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing (Simon & Schuster) and The Angelspeake Storybook (Adams Media). Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. Their website, in Spanish and English is www.ANGELSPEAKE.com.

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