"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Patience, Patience, Patience

By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Believers are eager to do more work for God. We feel good and are raring to go! Yet our angels are telling us to be patient, patient, patient and when the angels say something three times, that is the HIGHEST emphasis that can be given by them. We asked why they admonished us to be patient when there was so much work to be done?

The Angels Speake:
Patience, Dear One. Yes, patience, patience, patience. Be still and trust. Be kind to yourself. Take it easy. One thing at a time. Do what is best for you today. Let God do his work first. It is what it is. Do not fret. You will see. All is well.

How many times have you heard these words from us? How many messages have you received admonishing you to do nothing except trust? When you felt the worst of the worst was upon you, did you not hear us say that if you can live through the worst of the worst you will be led to the best of the best?

We talk to you any time you desire us to do so that we may teach you how to access divine guidance so that your path may be clearer and lighter. But you still must walk your path and it is full of lessons. You seem to have the idea your path is a foothold upon a precipice that any moment might give away and you will fall into the abyss and die. That would be extremely drastic. Why would we lead you and help you through the life you are living only to watch you fail miserably? It takes a lot of ignoring divine help to fail at a life.

Then why do we say patience when you feel you have so much work to do? Because everything is timing. You cannot rush what is already in progress. Many have said that life is like a movie, and it is so. It is a choice as to what your plot is, the cast of characters, the theme, the role you play, and the type of movie. Yes, you decide. It can be a romance, an action-adventure, a comedy, or even a horror film. It is you who is the author of your own movie.

As in every movie, your story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There is a progression underway in your life that is very important. You cannot put the end before the beginning or the middle. If you did that, the movie would be confusing. The characters would be out of place and no one involved would have direction.

Who is the director of this huge performance called Your Life? You may be the star, the author, the entire crew, and the producer of the movie. But God is the Director. It is he who brings together the plot of your production in a divine order that will make sense to everyone involved. For everyone has their own movie in progress. Your spouse, children, boss, neighbors, friends and enemies all have their own movie unfolding. Think of it. Five billion and more movies are currently running in unison and every one of them links perfectly with every other one of them. Only God could direct such a production!

So that is why we frequently say patience, patience, patience. God has a lot of movies to synchronize. And every one of them is the most important--because it is yours.

Faith Builder:
Pray for patience and the vision to see your life as part of a huge whole.

Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark are sisters and authors of the best selling books Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing (Simon & Schuster) and The Angelspeake Storybook (Adams Media). Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. Their website, in Spanish and English is www.ANGELSPEAKE.com.

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