"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels



Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark

For most of us, change is both dreaded and longed for. The angels have taught us that change is the essential element of our forward motion through life. Here are some of their words of wisdom about change.

The Angels: What if there was no change for you? What if each day was exactly the same as the last one? What if there were no surprises or anything to look forward to? It would be only a little time before you would be bored, fatigued, depressed, and ill. It is through the desire for change that God leads you to your life work. Longing for change is the motivating force to make something greater of you life. Such a beautiful thing, this sense of longing. Welcome it, enjoy it, and let it lead you to change and your own greatness of purpose.

Q: It is hard to be positive. There are so many negative events and people around me, I feel negative too.
Angels: How you respond to negative situations is CHOICE. Be careful with what and who you surround yourself. Read positive literature. Avoid violent television programs. Do not partake in activities that do not bring out your better nature. Choose your friends carefully. Ask yourself, ďIs this for my greater good?Ē Use your powers of choice wisely.

Q: I worry a lot. How do I stop that? I have heard that worry is lack of faith.
Angels: Perhaps so, but mostly worry is a habit you have learned. You may also unlearn it. There are three questions to ask yourself when you find yourself indulging in the worry habit.
* Is it any of my business? Most of what you focus on belongs to someone else. Caring is positive. Worry is negative.
* Do I have to make a decision today? Do not worry about Christmas when it is summer. Donít live in the future, for that is where fear resides.
* How important is it anyway? Do not give more energy to a problem than it is worth. The scratch on your carís door is not as important as the condition of the tires.

Worry wastes time, and makes you fearful. If you find you are worrying about something, give the problem to us, and then forget it. We angels will handle it for you.

Q: How come so many people believe in angels these days?
Angels: Because we are more visible and accessible. We are waking people up to teach you and to guide you more quickly along your life path. Never has the world been so ready to learn love and goodness. God has sent us to teach you the nature of Him, thus the nature of love, and how you can help. These are very important times.

Faith Builder:
Do something positive today to make the world a better place.

Trudy and Barbara are sisters and authors of the best selling Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing (Simon & Schuster). Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. Their website is Angelspeake.com.

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Angelspeake with Trudy Griswold

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