"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

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Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark

We have a friend named Cindy who writes novels. Once Cindy turned in a manuscript to her publisher which was rejected because the editor didn’t care for the ending. Cindy knew that if she was going to sell the book she had to rewrite it. As she sat at her computer she thought, “Barbara and Trudy say that I can talk to people who are on the other side to get help. What author’s endings have I liked? Who can I ask to help me?” Immediately, the author John D. MacDonald came to her mind. He was a mystery writer who was popular in the 60’s and 70’s and had a nice way of finishing his books. No sooner had Cindy thought of John D., than the words started coming until the last three chapters had been totally restructured. The next time Cindy turned in her manuscript, it was accepted the same day.

Our cousin Pat told us about her car shopping experience. Her father, our uncle, was one of the best car salesmen ever, winning many awards from General Motors. When Pat was recently purchasing a new car for herself, she mentally asked her dad to give her some advice. Uncle Wayne came through even though he had been dead for many years. First of all, he led her to the right car dealer. He told her what to look for and how to negotiate the deal. But most of all, he told her to ask for 1.9% financing and not to buy until she got it. Pat picked her car, but when she said she wanted the low financing she was informed it wasn’t available. She said, “Call me when it is.” Her salesman called her the next morning, saying they had received a fax from the financing company and that 1.9% was available, but for two days only! They had never seen it happen like that. Pat loves her new car!

People who believe in angels have lots of stories about help they have received to solve problems or for inspiration. Please send us your stories to Angelspeake@Angelspeake.com

Q: Do I have to ask for a specific “person” to help me?
The Angels Speak: No, you could ask for the “angel of car negotiations” or “writing angels” and that would work. But if you have an idea of someone you have known or known of, ask for him or her specifically. You will feel better about the connection and will trust it more because of the closeness of the contact.

Q: Does it always work?
The Angels Speak: Why wouldn’t it? There are four elements in contacting a being on the other side. After a quick prayer for protection, ASK for the help specifically. BELIEVE it will be given. LET GO of your opinions of how it will happen. Finally, say THANK YOU for the help which was given. Everyone has an unlimited supply of support available at all times. On earth, you may be reluctant to ask for aid. In heaven, there is perfect assistance available to you just for the asking.

Faith Builder:
Ask someone specific in “heaven” for assistance today.

Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark are sisters and authors of the best selling books Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing (Simon & Schuster). Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. Their website, in Spanish and English is www.ANGELSPEAKE.com.

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