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Sending Energy

By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

One day we felt very grateful for our angel’s help, and when we thanked them, they gave us a wonderful lesson on how we can use/send our energy to help others.

The Angels Speake:
When you thank us for our help, it is a two-way street. We also thank you for helping us. We are the best friends of your soul’s lifetimes which have a broader overlook of the mission you do. We are just as honored to be working with you as you are with us. We love teaching you.

It is time for you to learn about energy. Energy is nothing more than love. All energy is love. A chemist or an engineer would disagree, but energy is love. A movement. A thrusting forward for the greater good. It is predictable and commonplace. Energy is pervasive. It does not have to begin anywhere. It is not created. It just IS. You cannot destroy it, but you certainly can focus it.

Hollywood has shown energy dissipation as coming in the form of lightning emerging from the fingertips. This is too little. Your available power is much larger. Energy (electricity) actually emanates from each of your pores and is much more intense, more focused, and more alive than the Hollywood version. At this moment, become aware of the energy within you. Feel its power and radiation. Practice focusing your energy and sending it outward.. Imagine it fuller and more condensed.

This is what you do when you do readings for others—you tap into the energy around the person you are reading for. Then, because of your spiritual gifts, you interpret the energy’s meaning. A person’s energy tells the story of many lifetimes and patterns of behavior, health, and knowledge. When you “feel the energy of disease, for instance, you can then focus a different type of healing energy which will send vibrations specifically to mend a body part or remove a disease. This type of focus turns energy into information and disperses it to the proper place.

Feel your own energy? Your body is almost too small to contain its power. Dispel some of it to those around you. Send it through the phone when you communicate over the wire. Give it to those who sit next to you in a theatre. Pass it on. We are very serious about this. It is easier to send energy than to take it in.

Focusing energy is the first part of sending it to someone else. Imagine your stomach being a geyser similar to Old Faithful. Feel the energy build. Enjoy the anticipation. Then, when you cannot hold it any longer, LET IT GO! Let the energy spew forth from the center of your solar plexus. Feel it erupt! Focus it and send it to someone you love who needs the energy. Imagine it to be healing energy or love energy (which is the same thing) and push it across the miles and offer it to someone who needs it. LET IT WORK!

Give energy purpose by adding an “intention” for its use. If you are using energy to comfort a hurt child, then focus the love in a soft, caring, helpful mode. If you are using the energy to change the mind of a political faction, send the love with a more powerful purpose. It is like music. Suit the energy you send to what you want to communicate to the receiver. But always with love and harmony. Discordance will only slow down the process.

It does not matter if your intention is not very specific. Often you will not know what is needed, so send it for the greater good of the receiver. You are just the sender of the energy/love. The receiver’s inner knowing will know how to focus it and use it perfectly.

There is much more about how energy between souls or actions or events works. Today we have taught you how to send. Receiving is another lesson. But in order to receive, you must first be aware of the power and feel of what energy is. Practice sending. Perhaps start with giving the gift of love to someone far away. Don’t be surprised if they say to you, “I was thinking about you today.”

Faith Builder:
Send energy to something today. A plant, a friend, a country. Everything on God’s earth needs healing of some sort.
Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three best selling "Angelspeake" books. Ordering information for copies of their latest book, "Heaven and Beyond," is available on their website, www.angelspeake.com.

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