"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


From This Day Forward 911

For the week of Sept. 17, 2001

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold
From This Day Forward…

We talked to our angels:

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Dearest Angels, What is happening?

The Angels Speak:
More than you would ever know. How could we tell you such a thing would happen when this is the turning point of thinking for the whole world? This is the time when the polarity of earth comes out into the realization of its own power. Good/Evil. Hate/Love. War/Peace. God/No God. How could we have told you?

You have said over and over, "What is our path? What is happening? Why do we feel as if we are being prepared for something and we have no idea what it is?" We have said that you are not to know because this time had to come in order to change the minds of man. Be assured that this is a total change from ego, money, political ideology, and awareness. From this day forward, nothing will be the same.

"Big" is over. "More" is over. Awareness will become truth. People who never prayed before are praying today.

There was no television coverage of Pearl Harbor, no camera beamed the horrors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima around the world as an atomic bomb was turning beautiful cities into dust. No television set showed D-Day on the shores of France. Your motion picture directors have tried to give reality to these events, but there is no way the horror of those moments can be recreated by man. It is always worse and always better.

Better? Yes, there is no love on earth that is given more freely than in times of war or conflict. Believe it or not, this day is about LOVE, not HATE or war. Trust in what you have been taught and in what you believe!

There will be a rallying of believers everywhere who will participate in the rebuilding. They will be the ones who will help through love, prayer, and presence. They will assure those who cannot understand that God is still there and that his angels are everywhere teaching, healing, and loving. There is no reason to fear. God's love will sustain through this time of change.

No one can predict what will happen in the future because no human being can see the enormity of the reasons behind events. On television and in magazines and newspapers you will hear about how horrible it was and what the government should have done or known, or how it could have been averted. Do not listen to such blame, for no person could possibly out plan God's reason for what happens.

To achieve balance, you must go from one extreme to the other so that you can come back to the midline and be calm, intelligent, and fair. It is the way.

The United States and other countries that live with abundance have become complacent and have ignored the cries of the dying and the hungry because they have no base for such knowing. Even the well meaning did not know what to do. Here there is help and hope. Here there is always an element of choice in every living style. Your homeless souls in the United States have a better life than millions of people in other places. In other places there is no hope, and there is no choice. There is only survival.

The world is not about the countries that have. The world is about the countries that have not. The world is not about this country and that place. The world is about thousands of millions of loving beings becoming one in love.

This is a day to remember, but it is not the worst day. This is the Big Boom! As the universe was created, so is this day of new thinking and awareness. This is the day of caring about others, not your little pretensions and worries. Today is about prayer and asking God to intervene in all things. Many will be happy about your country being wounded and scarred today, but others will see that if the greatness of the United States is shaken and destroyed, there will be an effect down unto the least of those who breathe.

Do not be afraid. Be ready to do what is needed. Be ready to move forward in love and patience and faith and teach those who question God's will and let them know that there is a bigger plan. What is happening is not about the events of this day - it is about changing how people think about each other. You cannot see those huge buildings collapse and not think about the people inside of them. You saw hundreds of pictures of other horrors and did not even think twice about them. You said, "That is too bad," and completed your dinner. Today you are paying attention.

Pray, pray, pray. Pray for those who have died. Pray for those who have survived. Pray for the people in the planes. Pray for the pilots who fought with their lives to stop those who took over their planes. Pray for those who must search for the dead. Pray for the victims who did NOT die, for they truly will be the most wounded and scarred of all. And pray for yourselves. Pray for the knowledge of God's will for you and the power to carry it out.

We bless you, we love you, and we are with you. All is not lost. It is a turning point.

Faith Builder:
It is the time for all people of LOVE to band together to help.

(c) Copyright 2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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