"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels



By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

We never know what the angels are going to tell us. For instance, when we sat down to write this column we did not have a particular question in mind. We simply asked, “Dear Angels, what would you like to teach us today?”

The Angels Speake:
Dear ones. It is important that you know us and learn to trust us to help you in all things. Many times you do not know how to ask us for help because you do not know the kind of help you need. That is when you MUST trust us and that we have your greater good always in mind. Be aware, however, that our work is not just for YOUR greater good, it is always for the greater good of the whole world. While we are helping you and teaching you, we are also teaching the entire world.

Today we would like to teach you about “grids.”

The energy of the world is made up in grids which are more complicated than you can imagine. The work they do is to tie all energies together. Your body is a grid structure. When you are healthy, the grids are in alignment and harmony. The colors of the aspects are pure and bright and the vibrations of the grids are soft and chordant. If you are ill, or you hurt yourself such as falling down, your grids become misaligned or broken. Pain or discomfort results. You may have fevers and intestinal problems, or headaches and malaise. This is how you know something is wrong with your system.

Tumors also rearrange grids. Not always are the symptoms painful, but eventually as the tumor enlarges, the grids become so elongated or stretched that you can no longer ignore the displacements going on in your body. You will eventually become aware of the tumor's invasion.

When healers heal, and why it often seems so miraculous, is that the grids are instantly (or very quickly) moved back into alignment. As soon as that happens, the pain leaves, the symptoms go away, and the body is whole again. In many societies or groups or tribes, this is normal. The doctor, or shaman, or healer is expected to heal this way. Acupuncture, laying on of hands, psychic surgery, or prayer is used as the medium to put the grids back in order.

This is why prayer works. When you pray, you are asking God, through us, to fix the grids and restore health and balance to whatever you are praying for.

When this works very quickly it is called a miracle. When it doesn’t work very fast, it is called convalescence. When it doesn’t work AT ALL, you think no on has heard you or that God hasn’t answered your prayers. Not true, for God always answers your prayers for the GREATER GOOD. Illnesses are full of opportunities to learn lessons. If it was the reason you needed to get sick in the first place, then the illness must take its course before the grids go back to balance. All is well again and you are happy.

Grids are all over the world. It is not easy to imagine what you cannot see. But, if you can, imagine energy patterns between countries, people, lands, and political systems. When grids are broken, war may ensue. In a relationship, it could be a divorce. With land, earthquakes. With weather, storms may happen.

So when you pray for harmony, peace, and health, you are asking us to restore to balance the grids around you. Often, that is the best prayer to make. Such a prayer cannot harm, divine right action is asked for, and you don’t have to figure out what is right or wrong. You will always know what to pray for.

Faith Builder:
Pray for harmony, peace, and health. Then imagine the grids around the problem being healed.
Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three bestselling "Angelspeake" books. Ordering information for copies of their latest book, "Heaven and Beyond," is available on their website, www.angelspeake.com.

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