"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


In Times of Despair

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

In nearly everyone’s life there comes a time when you know that you have to change or die. There will be a moment when your whole life seems to come together in a split second of clarity that shouts at you to go no lower. That’s when our angels step in and carry us.

The Angels Speak:
Life may be good, but it is not easy. Challenges are set before you during your life on earth so you will have to face the lessons you were born to work through. If all your life were easy and joyful, there would, of course, be no reason to be born in the first place.

But what do angels do in order to make sure that your lesson is learned so you do not have to repeat it over and over? What do we do to help you use your difficulties in a way that will take you forward instead of down into deeper despair? Why, at those times, do you find it so hard to feel us around you? Why do you cry out to us and think there is no one there? Where did we go?

We began to help you long before the instant of awareness that brought you to the point of choice. Every second of every day was being aligned in order to bring you to the point of choice. Small incidents began to merge into big situations. We made sure you noticed and stored the information, so when the truthful moment of awareness happened, you would be ready to act.

We were actually helping you to the point of choice. You are our work, but we must help you within the boundaries of your own choices. You are always master of your soul, your life, and your placement. It is you who have chosen your lessons and it is you who will choose how you are going to learn them. We are here to help you no matter what you choose.

When you finally say from your heart and soul, “God, please help me!” then we can step in and really begin our work. We will help you find a new truth, to become aware of more choices, and to find renewed purpose and direction. We will bring you strength to continue on a daily basis. We did not once abandon you while you were finding your lowest place, and we will never leave you while you are seeking your highest purpose either.

Once you have cried, “Please help me!” every angel in heaven is at your disposal. Perhaps you will not think you feel us during your agony, but as you come out of the darkness to find the light, you will begin to know we are with you. As you become used to feeling better and happier, you will find that our presence is more acceptable and available to you. When you begin to believe in us, you will begin to believe in yourself again. You will begin to ask us for more help.

People will appear to help you. Situations will become solutions. Options will become apparent. Doubt will fall way. You will begin to see yourself as whole and happy again. Each day, in small and large ways, you will begin to see yourself with new eyes. You will feel yourself rise into the light while the darkness drops away.

One thing is certain. You will never fall back into that particular place of despair again. You may come to other choice points, but always they will be higher in nature than the first time you cried for God to help you. The gift God gives you each morning is that you have a whole new 24 hours to learn how to live in a better way than the day before. We will lead you. We are with you. Always.

Faith Builder:
Remember a time when you felt so low you did not think you could continue. Then remember the way your angels helped you move forward.

(c) Copyright 2002 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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