"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Love Signs

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Over the years we have noticed that our angels often give us presents. Sometimes these gifts come in the form of “jokes” or “events” that bring joy into our hearts or make life simpler. One time Trudy was directed to the perfect car in the oddest way. Not long ago, Barbara’s daughter, Stephanie, gave her a lovely piece of jewelry; the exact piece that Barbara had been looking at herself. The fact that the two of them live thousands of miles apart and had not communicated about the necklace was proof enough that the angels had a hand in the whole thing.

The Angels Speak:
Dearest Children, we love you so why would we not give you gifts? You give nice things to show your friends and loved ones that you love them. We love to see you be surprised and happy. We enjoy your pleasure at unexpected events. There is nothing on earth you cannot have, but the best things are the surprises that you have not even thought to ask us for.

Barbara did not ask us for the pendant. She just saw it, liked it, and moved on. We, in our love for her, and with our joy and her sense of humor joining hands, arranged for Stephanie to see it and to think of her mother and encouraged her to buy it. It was not hard, for the love connection was the perfect bridge to combine mother, daughter, and gift.

We arrange many things that you do not even notice! And we also arrange many things that you would never consider a gift from us. Have you ever been disappointed because you did not get the plane reservation you wanted? We see, with our abilities, which flight would be best for you. When you wanted a result that did NOT happen we were protecting you—even without being asked. You are our work, and we help you in countless ways.

Here is a way we often help. You are driving home and you become distracted and miss your turn. There was a reason. Perhaps it was necessary for you to be delayed a minute or two. Perhaps it was important that you notice something that you ordinarily wouldn’t have seen if you had gone the usual way. Or maybe we wanted you to hear the next song on your car radio because we know it is one of your favorites.

When Trudy needed a new car, we were right there for her. Everything she asked for was offered to her easily, not through a car dealer, but through her friend’s daughter who desperately wanted someone to take over her car payments since she was moving into a city where a car would have been a burden. Both women’s needs were satisfied and we helped them meet.

Barbara needed a new microwave oven. The next day, as she was walking into a store for something else, she found one on sale for much less than she had expected to pay. Did we arrange that? Well, we reminded her of the store to go to. We helped the urgency build for a new microwave when the new ones were available, and we were sure she noticed them. Not everything we do for you is a big deal. We help you most often with the little deals.

Notice. Notice. Notice! We have told you many times to Ask. Ask. Ask. Today we wish to remind you to pay attention to what we give you that you did not ask for. You may call them Love Signs, from Your Angels.

Faith Builder:
Notice! Notice! Notice! Then thank your angels for what you saw.

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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