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Soul Mates

By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Dear Angels, Everyone who comes to us wants to know about relationships. Very few people seem to find their “soul mate.”

The Angels Speake:
Dear Ones.
This appears to be true, but the difficulty with relationships is not that they are bad or difficult; it is that you expect them to be different from what they are. People on earth think that a “soul mate” is a person in a love relationship that matches you in every way. You expect a “clone” of yourself. You expect to agree on nearly every subject, fit each other physically, and rarely argue. This is not a true soul mate.

A true soul mate is one who helps you fill your divine purpose for being alive. It is one who enhances your learning, helps keep you on track, and has agreed before birth to stay with you for a certain amount of time and to coincide his or her life work so you can do the same for him or her. It may be happy or compatible, but not always. Usually it brings a great many challenges.

A soul mate may be a man or woman. It could be a sister or parent, but you normally think of a soul mate as a lover or life partner or spouse. Often this is true, but it is highly possible that it is not true. A soul mate can be anyone you need him or her to be. If you have a soul mate who happens to be a lover, that is wonderful, but please know that the one you love may be with you to teach you the biggest lessons you will ever learn.

Think about this. You fall in love with someone you think is your soul mate. You said, “I adore you,” to each other. You got married and had children, or not, depending on the lesson, and then you began to become discontented which moved into frustration, which turned into intense dislike, which ended in enmity of the most bitter kind. How could such wonderful love turn to hostility in just a few years? You wondered, “How could I have been so mistaken? I thought he (or she) was my soul mate.” The truth is, child, you were not mistaken. Lessons were being learned.

We repeat, SOUL MATES ARE THOSE WHO ARE WITH YOU IN SOME WAY IN THIS LIFETIME SO THAT YOU MAY TEACH AND LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. Your worst enemy could be your closest soul mate. Do not fear this, because you have chosen to be with each other so that very thing could happen. Karma is a perfectly wonderful word that says that what began in one life continues in subsequent lifetimes. The players take on different roles and parts, but the story continues until balance and perfection is found. The soul decides all of this itself.

When you see a couple that seems to be so in love and can’t live without each other, perhaps the lesson is to learn independence. When you see a couple that hates each other perhaps the lesson is to learn independence. Each soul picks the perfect scenario to learn many, many lessons. Lessons are actually layered in a very complicated fashion during a lifetime. Your life is structured so you can learn from different situations and people at different times. Think about your family life as a child, your school years, your youth, your romances, when you became a parent and the different relationships within the family. Think of all your bosses, friends, enemies, challenges, and glories. Every one of the periods of your life is there for the opportunity to meet “lesson mates.”

Good relationships and experiences, or bad…it doesn’t matter while you are living your life. It will only matter when you reach the other side and we begin to point out what really and truly happened and show you where you succeeded and where you are still to be tested. All lessons will eventually be learned--how to do something, and how not to do it, both are the same thing.

See your soul mate in everyone you meet. Every soul on earth is with you so you may teach each other. We, through synchronicity, will always make sure the ones who are to be with you will meet you. There are no accidents. Only choices. We make sure the proper choice points/moments are set up so you can all learn from them.

Faith Builder:
One at a time, think of everyone in your life and thank him or her from your heart for being with you to share lessons.

Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three bestselling "Angelspeake" books and “Heaven & Beyond”, all of which are available on their website, www.angelspeake.com.

(c) Copyright 2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold
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Used in great part in article for Viagge Magazine 6-15-02

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