"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Spiritual Maturity

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

As we get older and more mature in our spiritual thinking PLUS believing in God’s goodness and what the angels can do for us or teach us, we become mellow and contented. We don’t have to struggle so much to feel good.

The Angels Speake:
Maturity is a time of peace. We invite you to go back in your memories and look at yourself as you were 10 years ago, 20 years ago, perhaps even 30 years ago or more. Take each decade of you life and see yourself as you were then. Remember your struggles and aspirations at the beginning of that time, and then remember what happened. Give yourself credit for both the good and the bad.

As another decade grows near, you may have a feeling of anticipation and change approaching. You may even begin to relive the last ten years and see where you have been. In examining the various years as they passed, you may see where you have gotten off track. You might even begin to make goals or set ideals of how you want to live during the next phase of your life.

It is so easy to see how a child has advanced. From an infant to a toddler to a pre-schooler, to a kindergartner. Moment by moment parents judge the advancement of their offspring. This is good. But when did you stop watching for your own advancement? When did you stop taking joy in the day by day steps you have taken in your own life in order to be happy with yourself on higher levels?

If you cannot see how far you have come in the last months or years, let us help you. We will help you count the many blessings you have received and how much you have grown in just a few years. In fact, you could even make the time elements smaller, and see how far you have come in one year. On your birthday, perhaps, take time for a moment of reflection to see yourself as you were, and how you are now just one year later.

Spiritual growth is not as easy to track as a child’s physical and mental progress. Spiritual growth is hard to judge by its very subjectivity. Others may see it, but how can you? We say to judge your “Joy Level.” Put your feelings on a “Happiness Scale” of 1-10, with “10” being the happiest you have ever been. Of course, “1” would be the most miserable you have ever been. Check yourself out then and now to see the flow of your life. Be honest and thorough. You will more than likely find that there is an ebb and flow of joy.

Too high is just as bad as too low. Spiritual maturity is not “over the top.” It is calm, connected, and pleased with itself. Spiritual immaturity is too much of anything. When you finally become content with what IS, then you are perfect. When you like yourself just the way you are; and everyone else too, then you are okay. Okayness becomes not only “good enough”, it also becomes a place of rest and pleasant reverie. Okay is a wonderful center point that we often seek so we don’t have to be in turmoil OR elation. It is balance.

You may ask if a score of “5” would be the ideal? Not necessarily. That could be boring for some people at any time of life. But for most days, the largest part of our days could be around a five. It is all balance. Look for the “8” days and relish them. Remember the “1” and “2” days and be grateful you got through them and learned the lessons you were taught.

You will have all types of days on the road to peaceful maturity. There will be the bitter and the sweet. There will be the chicken and the feathers. But every day has purpose and meaning. Spiritually mature souls are grateful for both. You may even become more content with what IS, instead of agonizing over what IS NOT.

Faith Builder:
Cease longing for a good life and begin to live it.
Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three best selling "Angelspeake" books. Ordering information for copies of their latest book, "Heaven and Beyond," is available on their website, www.angelspeake.com.

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