"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


The Gift of Prophesy

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

It seems like every time you look around, these days, someone is predicting something. Everyone is a modern day prophet.

Usually these prophecies, if you check into them, don’t happen. But some of them sounded so perfect and possible that the level of fear or concern that was generated by them stayed with you for awhile. Who are these prophets? Why are their insights right or wrong? Why does the Bible warn us about “false prophets?” We asked the angels.

The Angels Speak:
The gift of prophecy is as old as man. To see into the future to avoid disaster or to take advantage of fortune is a true gift. There are those who do have the gift of “seeing.” But what is this gift about when it is true and yet still appears wrong?

There are those who have predicted many horrible things for this time. A learned and sincere man predicted giant earth movements that would destroy great parts of the world. Another person predicted certain governments would fall and peoples and countries being destroyed by disease. All of these things were possible, and at the time of the prediction—were probable.

We angels give you the best information we have at the time. Always. The spiritual gift of prophecy comes from God and through the angels so that humans can avoid the probable. The true prophet or seer ferrets out pockets of negativity where the chances of disaster are most likely to occur. By educating the faithful of these likely occurrences, a positive force is set in motion. The true prophet not only foretells what will feasibly occur, he or she will also tell you what you can do about it to avert the disaster. Prayer, being the most often recommended. Prayer being the antidote to the accumulated negative energy which would foretell the potential of disaster in the first place.

Those who have predicted giant earth changes for instance, even though they may seem wrong today, have also helped avoid the very thing they have said could happen. Thusly, they have also proven themselves wrong. It is by their apparent wrongness, that they prove the efficiency and value of the prophecy.

Great prophets are divine instruments for information to come to help educate those on earth who have the faith to pray and hold positivity so that the events predicted can be changed or averted.

Think of this. If a prophet is good, and his predictions are true, his predictions set in motion a positive force that will turn the predicted event into a non-event. What a gift! What sacrifice for the greater good of mankind and the earth! To appear wrong, if they are successful, is when you are right. All prophets will, then, be false. Especially the ones who convey truth and are the most effective.

Be gentle, dear ones, with prophets who are apparently wrong. They may be working under their own divine guidance and are more “right” than you think.

Faith Builder:
Pray for the prophets that they may have the courage to bear their gift. 

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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