"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


What's My Path?

By Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold

Every soul on earth wants the answer to this basic question. “Where am I going? What is my path?” The angels gave us this message not long ago which made us think, as their messages usually do.

The Angels Speak:
You ask today why can’t you see your path? Why aren’t you clear about what is your mission this lifetime. Our answer may only serve to confuse you because it is never as you think or expect.

You can’t see your path today because your path is You! Just like your heartbeat is you. You don’t need to see your path. Why? Because there is no path! You are on a mission of life which will utilize the beingness of you to help the beingness of others and yourself. There is no path because you are not of the future. You are only “now.”

Imagine yourself in a boat with no tiller, rudder, or oars, just one sail. The boat is fully equipped to sustain you throughout the voyage. There is no compass, radio, or navigational system. Your directive when you went aboard your boat was to let the boat take you wherever it went and you were to do whatever good you could do during the days of your voyage. Would you go?

This is exactly what you did when you were born. Your soul gave us a “map” before you set sail of things you wanted to see and/or accomplish during your travels. But then you turned over to us the way it would happen. You instructed us to be as the wind and to do as the wind does. You asked us to move you forward from one place to another and to make sure that events occurred in right order and timing. You trusted us to be in charge of the voyage.

As you travel in your little boat, you will go wherever it goes, but it is your choice how you feel about it. You can be happy, sad, willing or unwilling. You can be afraid or adventurous. You can be impatient or you can anticipate. You can rest or fret. It is up to you. But no matter what your attitude, you will still go where the boat goes.

What humans do, which makes them unhappy, is that they try to figure everything out. There is nothing to figure out, any more than a seed being blown by the wind could possibly figure out where it was going, or where it was going to land, or what it was going to become after it grew.

You want a “sure thing.” You want the memory of what you have planned to do on this earth while you were here. It isn’t possible. You said you wanted to accomplish things, like a boat wants to accomplish movement. We say, you don’t need to know where you are going to end up. If it were a sure thing, you wouldn’t need to have been born in the first place. You have heard it before, and it is true, the trip is not about the destination, it is about the trip.

Think of the word “evolution.” This word means that things evolve from what they are (or were) into something else. And so it is. With a tree, a severe winter or drought will change the structure of the tree. With a human a choice will change the structure of the life it lives.

You do have one very important thing in you little boat. You have choice. You can choose the size of your boat, the duration of the trip, who you will meet as you sail, or whether the weather will be harsh or fair. As the only passenger in your little boat, you will have many feelings, opportunities, and observations. But there is no day that is guaranteed to be perfect. There will also be no day that will be guaranteed to be imperfect. It will just be what it is and you will be what you are, and the boat will do what it does, and the weather will be what it is, on and on.

Does this sound awful? Does it sound lonely and boring? Does it sound as though you are helpless and hopeless? If so, you have forgotten one thing. Your Angels are with you. The same angels you trusted to give your trip meaning so that you could learn and help others.

Yes, we are the ones who give your voyage meaning. Not because we give it to you, but because YOU GAVE IT TO US. We are only with you to make sure you stay safe, find your way to the proper places at the proper times, make sure you experience what you need to experience so you can learn what you need to learn, and to meet those you have contracted to meet as you wander.

So, in short, that is what we do and what it is about, and how it works. People ask all the time, “What is the meaning of my life?” The answer? There is no meaning. There is choice, and there is life. That is all, dear ladies. That is all.

Go rest. Where you are is where you are. Yes, there is a lesson in it somewhere. Give the lesson to us and enjoy your trip. Bon Voyage.

Faith Builder: Imagine your self in a boat on a wonderful sea. Feel the angels around you taking you where you need to be.

(c) Copyright 1999 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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