"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Meet Trudy Griswold of Angelspeake - Interview by Trinda Latherow

In Memory of Barbara Mark

Trudy Griswold and sister Barbara Mark are the co-authors of the widely acclaimed Angelspeake books: Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Storybook, The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing, and Heaven & Beyond: Conversations with Souls in Transition.

As internationally known spiritual counselors, Trudy and Barbara have been featured on such national television and radio programs as ABC-TV’s Good Morning America, CBS-TV’s Leeza Show and Entertainment Tonight, and The Cristina Show on Univision, a Spanish speaking network.

Until August of 1991, Trudy’s and Barbara’s lives were going along like everyone else’s. “Then the angels woke us up,” Trudy began to tell me, “and everything changed forever.” They were sisters who were raised in a small Iowa town. They went to Sunday school as kids, married, had children, even taught Sunday School, so believing in God and praying to God had always been a part of their lives. “It just seemed right,” Trudy explained. Uncommonly close, Trudy and Barbara were both sisters and friends, normal American women who loved their families, homes, and careers. Yet Trudy lived and raised her children in Connecticut, while Barbara’s home and family began in Wyoming, before later moving to California. Time and life progressed, but a longing continued to grow within both women to do more with their lives, to be more, and soon.

It led them to become spiritual seekers, to attend lectures and seminars, and to self-study that which was introduced to them even as children. Trudy recalled a time when she needed to do a book report in middle school and asked her father, a recovering alcoholic, for a suggested reading. He handed her The Sleeping Prophet, which was about the life of Edgar Cayce, a twentieth century psychic and medical clairvoyant, which seeded her metaphysical interest early on. Telling me, “I inhaled it. I could not put it down.” I could sense her excitement at what had initially fanned the flame of curiosity within her. Yet life moved along and it wasn’t until Trudy and Barbara were adults that divine time would present the unique opportunity for each to connect more directly with the angelic realm.

The first contact with the angels came one morning in 1991 as Barbara lay sleeping. They woke her asking that she get a pencil so that they could write to her. Three weeks later, Trudy unexpectedly experienced the same thing. It was the miraculous beginning of countless messages from angels and the spiritual support team that dictated messages through both women for the betterment of all. Trudy recalled how Barbara had led the way for the two of them to not only begin relaying angelic messages to others, but also to continue doing so even after Barbara’s passing in 2006. Barbara had made an eternal bond with Trudy to help her with the next book to follow the four Angelspeake books.

While Trudy misses her sister greatly, she shared an understanding of divine time with me and said that while Barbara’s life experiences here had come to an end, her work goes on. As she continues to speak to Trudy and all those who may wish to reach out to her in the angelic realm, a world where the angels of god, spirit guides, and our deceased loved ones live on, a world only a thought or prayer away. We need only be open to the presence of angels in our life, to those angelic beings who come to comfort us, guide us, and inspire us. We need only speak to them and ask any questions we may have. Believe that they are always with us, listen for their messages, simply let it happen, and then, remember to thank the angels and God for allowing the unexpected or miraculous that occurs in our life.

It really is as simple and wonderful as being open to the angelic realm and divine guidance. Once you do, you may find as Barbara and Trudy discovered, that you come to live your best life ever, a life filled with unconditional love, personal peace, and true happiness, or the life that God truly wants for us. We may even find as Trudy has that we wish to spread the angel’s messages of love and support with others. We may wish to work for God as Trudy does by introducing others to the process of speaking with the angels as an Angelspeake Facilitator.

In addition to writing, counseling others, and speaking about her experiences, Trudy also offers an Angelspeake certification program, an intense personal growth class that teaches you how to not only develop your own spiritual gifts and abilities, but also how to work with the angels, conduct workshops, and market classes to others. At the end of the program, Trudy assures that you will come away with “a deeper understanding of yourself, a vision for your work, a passion to share your angel experiences, your certification certificate, and all of the materials and manuals you will need to immediately begin leading Angelspeake classes and workshops in your home area.” For more information on the Angelspeake certification program or to contact a facilitator in your area, simply visit Trudy’s website, linked below.

For more on Trudy, her work as an intuitive counselor, the Angelspeake books, or her many classes and workshops, please do not hesitate to contact her, but know too that the angels are with you. You are never alone. Angels are with you always, your own spiritual support system of guides, teachers, and deceased loved ones are with you. Barbara too may be with you. You need only reach out to each to know that they are with you. Speak to them, write to them, and invite them into your life. For it is as the angels have said to both Barbara and Trudy:

“Children, we are communicating with people all the time whether they know it or not. We often inspire persons to speak to you as an intermediary, because the message is urgent, clarity is needed, or a soul needs spiritual guidance. If there is one fault most seekers have, it is to think that they are less than they are. They cannot see their own greatness. Remember how we worked with you to teach you that your gifts were true and could help others? Remember how you questioned in the beginning? Often there is a period of fear and indecision when people first begin to want to understand themselves. ‘What do I do? What is happening? Am I going crazy?’ You are a guide to understanding. You have been gifted to pass along our words so that others may find their way.”
 –Blessings to all who love God, The Angels

You may find your way in this world a little easier and a lot more interesting by simply inviting the angels to speak to you. Be open to the angelic realm and your spiritual family, but above all, know that you are never alone on your journey here. The angels are with you and they are bringing you the most important message of all – that you are loved, that you are unconditionally loved. What a blessing it is to know that.

What a joy it is has been to share that message with you here. What a blessing it has been to meet and make such a special connection with Trudy, the many angels that surround us all, and our spiritual family of guides and loved ones, including Barbara Mark, who left us with this wonderful message:

My greatest joy in life has been to pass on to you all of the messages the angels wanted you to know. Sometimes I felt like a go-between heaven and earth and that was the best of all times. Today I feel like I am more on the heaven side than the earth side, but I think that must be perfect because the angels have told me over and over that there are no accidents and that going from here to there is no more than an inhale from this place to an exhale into the arms of the angels. Yet I feel sad. I guess that is because I have had such a perfect time here to work with both sides and I don’t want to leave you.

I love you.
I will continue to teach you.
Just ASK for me.
BELIEVE I will come to you.
LET ME HAPPEN with a message perfect for you and then say
THANK YOU TO GOD for letting such a miracle occur.

I will still keep talking to you. I have no idea how many people Angelspeake has touched, but I do know that it has been a bunch. So, if I have taught any of you to talk to the other side, then ask for me to come to you as well. It will be my greatest reward, and if you wonder what I am going to say it is simply this: “Please send an Angelspeake book or a copy of the seven steps to all your friends in memory of me. Nothing would be more fitting in memory of the angels who are with you.”
~Barbara Mark


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