"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Archives

The Angels Speake...

These columns, articles and Angel messages have come from the angels themselves. At the very onset of our angel-taught lessons, we documented what we received. Everyone of these writings has been given to us as an answer to a question we have asked or were initiated by our angels as a result of some issue relevant to the times. May they help you learn more while on your own spiritual quest.

From This Day Forward 9-11-01
More About September 11
9/11/03 Excerpt from Father Mychal F. Judge

Articles and Angel Messages 2001 - 2007

Happiness is a Choice

How to Let Go and Let God

Angel Messages about Health

The Angels Comment on Evil

What are we supposed to do?

Interview with an Angel One and Two

Angels are Fun

Angel Teaching for 2003

Constant Christmas

Holiday Thoughts

Angels Say Lighten-Up!

A Message from the Angels 2004

For Peace of Mind

A Message from the Angels September 15, 2003

World Ascension

Why does the world seem to be in turmoil?

Understanding Other Lives

Why all the fighting?

A Lesson About Lessons

Angels and Babies

Cloning & The Soul

Current Events


In Times of Despair

Spiritual Signals

Thanking is a Prayer of Blessing

Internet Angel Teachings

Rejoice in Spring

Release Fear

Becoming One with Your Highest Self

Angel Message for the Holiday Season 2005

Message from the Angels of Rest

Ask for More

Bless Them!

Build it and They Will Come...

Prayers are Heard

Spiritual Movement Across the Earth

Sending Energy

Soul Mates

Spiritual Maturity

The Gift of Prophecy

The Indigo Children

Trust and Money

Understanding Other Lives

What is My Path?

Love Signs

Once Upon a Time


Columns from 2000

A Good Life

Angels & Spirits

Angels Protect

Asking and Thanking

Attracting Abundance


Balance and Harmony

Being a Seeker

Being Worthy

Best Labor Saving Devices Ever

Difficult times

Divine Right Action

Fear Not!

God's Messengers

God's Will

Good Prayers


How God Loves You


Just Say Yes

Let Go for a Miracle

Life is Good

Life Lessons

Love in the 2000's


Loving God


Many Paths

One Life

Patience, Dear One

Patience, Patience, Patience

Resting Times

Self Steam

Seven Little Steps

Solving Problems

Spiritual Gifts

Stop Striving


Columns from 1999

Angelic Support Groups

Are Angels There?

Asking Angels for Help

Being Specific

Current Events

Dynamic Praying


God is God


How Angels Help

Knowing God

Angels From Before Day One

Ask For A Miracle

Ask - Parking Places




Fearing Y2K

Greater Good

Hit by Lightning

Joyful Doing

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