"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Become an Angelspeake Facilitator in Two Steps:
Step 1:  Attend a Spiritual Development Weekend

Spiritual Development Weekend with Trudy - Click HERE

After attending a Spiritual Development Weekend, you are ready to apply for the Angelspeake Facilitator’s Training. You will join others like yourself who believe they have a special calling to teach people about angels and their works. Trudy will facilitate your training in an enjoyable, fun, and spiritual surroundings.

This is your opportunity to grow and work directly with YOUR OWN ANGELS

Step 2: Angelspeake Personal Growth & Facilitator Certification

Facilitator Certification with Trudy - Click HERE

Become an Angelspeake Facilitator

When you “just know” it is time to pass on what the angels have taught you, then you may be ready to become a Certified Angelspeake Facilitator.

During this Sunday evening to Wednesday afternoon course, you will learn what it takes to run a spiritual business:

• Creating a Class
• Organizing a classroom
• What it takes to teach others about Angelspeaking
• Conducting a Class
• Answering questions
• The method of Angelspeaking
• Receiving message for yourself and others
• Supporting your students’ spiritual growth
• Running a God-Based business

What Graduates Say:

I had been feeling scattered and fearful before the weekend, but by the end of it I was focused and full of purpose. Now I know my angels have been helping me all along; I just didn’t know how to bring their love and myself together. It was awesome. (Linda)
The week was filled with love, friendship and enlightenment. It was a wonderful experience. (Vivian)
The week was a personification of truth, the integration of earthly and divine abundance and wisdom… (Iva)
I received much more than I ever imagined… (Tricia)

Requirements to become a Certified Angelspeake Facilitator:
*  Complete complete both classes (Spiritual Development Weekend and Facilitator's Training) to become certified
*  Complete a personal interview with Trudy.


One Sunday morning, when all seemed lost and hopeless and the sisters felt that nothing special was ever going to happen again, an angel woke them up, saying, "Get up, and I will tell you what to write for we have much to teach you. We love you. We are here. Write what we teach. Then pass on our teachings to everyone else. The world is ready to know us and through us they will learn about God."

…The Angels


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