"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Meditations on CD

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Love, Renewal and Abundance

Three inspirational and healing meditations are now available to purchase on CD The angels dictated these beautiful and motivating messages for you to apply to your life and learn from, whether you want to attract love, abundance or healing/renewal into your life.
Become a magnet for love! This meditation will help you to attract the universeís unconditional and limitless flow of loving energy. As you listen to these beautiful sounds, you will learn to open your heart and soul to receive the full benefit of this magnificent gift.
Renew and rejoice in the healing goodness of the universal life force. Your essence will be rejuvenated as you listen to this beautiful meditation from the angels. You will have more energy and power flowing through you to fill your life with well-being.


This powerful meditation will teach you how to accept the abundance of the universe that awaits you. Invite your angels to be with you and learn how to ASK for and to allow the wealth and goodness that surrounds you to flow to you. Learn that nothing is too big or too little to request as you receive your heartís desires.
Click here listen to an excerpt of the Love Meditation.
Click here listen to an excerpt of the Renewal Meditation.
Click here to listen to an excerpt of the Abundance Meditation.

All three meditations are on ONE CD    NOTE:  Shipping and Handling is 1st class mail only - if you require Priority Mail or Express Mail (overnight) please contact Trudy directly immediately:  

Fee: $12.50 - Free Shipping!
Holiday Special: $8.12

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LOVE Digital Download
Fee: $5.00

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the Love Meditation

ABUNDANCE Digital Download
Fee: $5.00

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the Abundance Meditation

RENEWAL Digital Download
Fee: $5.00

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the Renewal Meditation

Fee: $12.50
Holiday Special: $8.12

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All Three Meditations at a Discount

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